Monday, 22 October 2007

Canadian Radio Book Promotion

Neil will appear on the Richard Syrett Show (Canada) on November 1st 5:00 am (UK Time).

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Neil on Ghost Finder's radio

I'll be on Ghost Finder's Radio, Wednesday 10th October, 2007, at 9-0 pm discussing the book.
The interview went extremely well. One hour of challenging questions regarding the book, as well as chat with the hosts on a number of paranormal related phenomena.
I'd like to thank Mark for showing an interest. The show can be heard on the website archives.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Man-Monkey : A book pertaining to zooform, by Nick Redfern

There are many legends hidden within the annals of UK folklore, which, since their obscure birth, have demanded attention yet for so long, received none.

The 'Man-Monkey' of Ranton, Shropshire, born in the 1800s, is one of those eerie and strange stories which has finally been give the research and exposure it so richly deserves, because such a subject of horror and intrigue is the stuff classic zooform's are made of.

Nick Redfern, author of 'Three Men Seeking Monsters' and creator of has uncovered a veritable feast of clandestine links, bizarre connections, hideous rumour and peculiar fact in this vital book (published by CFZ Press 2007 Isbn: 978-1-905723-16-4).

From its spawning, the nightmarish prowler of the Union Canal and its surrounding thickets, has appeared as an ape-like yet seemingly supernatural humanoid. Covered in hair, strong and agile, with glowing eyes, said to attack cars, sometimes people, if you believe the first ever sighting from 1879, and such a beast has somehow existed in the local woods and folklore over time, awaiting discovery, and thankfully Nick has wrenched the facts from the foggy myth to present this 147 page necessity to cryptozoology, paranormal and the surreal world of zooform phenomena.

Here, the author unearths a treasure trove of eye-witness testimony, shady characters and other bouts of high strangeness in the area ranging from phantom hounds to large cats, from black magic to weird creatures seen swimming the waters.

Are the varying anomalies linked ? Or is this complex enigma nothing more than murky ghost story ? Is the marauding beast simply offspring of monkey's that escaped many years ago, or truly something abominable from the shadows ? We'll never know the truth behind the Man-Monkey because like so many other zooform creatures, the shadow it casts is always deceptive, the traces it leaves usually confusing, but what Nick has done is provide a thrilling insight not just into a much ignored monster mystery, but a glimpse into the legends of a very strange place.

I couldn't put the book down and so read it in one evening, and I trust that you, dear reader, do the same, always keeping one eye on the darkest corner of the room.
The book is available worldwide.