Friday, 7 December 2012

Nick Redfern's new book, 'WILDMAN'

For many years there have been occasional reports in the widls of the UK of what people term 'hairy men' and by that we don't just mean the local flasher on the loose! Although legends pertaining to creatures known as Bigfoot and the Yeti are hazy to say the least, can you imagine just how absurd it would sound if such beasts - or similar forms - were reported in the not so inhospitable woods of Britain! Well, since Medieval times there have been alleged encounters with 'wild men of the woods,' hulking great hairy bipedal figures that quite simply cannot be flesh and blood animals. So, what are they? Hallucination? Too many witnesses coming home from the pub? Hoaxes? Or esoteeric manifestations connected to the human psyche or somethingw eirder? In his new book, WILDMAN, author Nick Redfern investigates numerous accounts across the British Isles involving those elusive and seemingly supernatural monsters that seem to resemble those hairy hominids of lands far away. Could a Bigfoot-type of animal roam the forests and woods of Britain and remain undetected by science ? Highly unlikely, so what are people seeing ? Are these creatures connected to the history or magic of a place? Have they been raised occult rituals? Nixk Redfern presents a unique case study of such accountr, putting forward his theories - separating fact from fiction - and peeling back the layers of one of Britain's most intriguing yet obscure mysteries. Join Nick as he scours the valleys of Wales, the forests of Scotland, the woods of Kent, the darkest corners of rural Staffordshire, and just about every ruinous abbey, creaky mansion, and underground dwelling in search of those things that cannot be. Published by CFZ PRESS, 'WILDMAN' is one hairy read that should not be missed.Available from Amazon and all good bookstores.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Neil Arnold interviewed on Binnall of

Tim Binnall's interview with Neil Arnold can be heard HERE - a bizarre discussion on all manner of strange creatures and otherworldy anomalies.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

SHADOWS IN THE SKY - Neil Arnold's new book

Flying monsters, strange lights, phantom airships, ghostly flares, spectral planes and pilots - just some of the strange things covered in Neil Arnold's new book SHADOWS IN THE SKY: THE HAUNTED AIRWAYS OF BRITAIN.
Press release as follows:

For centuries mankind has reported unusual phenomena in the skies of Britain. From reports of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), strange winged creatures, and aerial ghosts. Now, for the first time ever, monster-hunter and author Neil Arnold has collated a vast amount of bizarre tales pertaining to those not only dark and stormy skies, but clear blue heavens which for many years have spat out all manner of anomalies.

With so many books being written about UFOs, Neil has decided to concentrate on the more unusual reports of unexplained aerial lights, such as aircraft encounters with peculiar objects, phantom flares, ghost lights, will-o-the-wisp’s and fairy lights. The book also features a chapter on spectral aircraft – mainly war-planes which continue to be seen on foggy moors long after they’ve been shot down. There is also coverage of ghostly airmen, phantasmal helicopters and ghost rockets, and not forgetting haunted airports and airfield’s. However, if you thought these chapters were weird (or not weird enough!) then wait until you read about the winged monsters said to have plagued British skies for many centuries. Fantastic tales of dragons, said to have appeared all over the UK, from the cattle-plucking beasts of Welsh lore to London’s flying serpents. Winged, red-eyed humanoids also sneak into the pages, coverage given to classic aerial anomalies such as the Owlman of Cornwall, the Hythe monster, and the lesser known Hertfordshire ‘Mothman’ and the like. Griffins, giant birds, leather-winged batmen, flying jellyfish and sky-bound horses and dogs, occupy a surreal Ark also inhabited by spectral birds and feathery omens of death….and don’t forget a few tales of harmonious angels

When you’ve escaped the ethereal menagerie, you’ll be scratching your head at tales of all manner of bizarre items and objects that have fallen from the sky. Whilst pennies, fish and frogs may be known to many Fortean’s, obscure cases in relation to falls of snails, slime, metal, wheat, clothes, blood and even excrement may be more unknown! And let’s not forget a chapter on those pesky phantom airships, aerial roads and buildings, flying boats, and yep, you’ve guessed it, even a flying pig! This is a book for monster hunters, UFO spotters, ghost investigators, and the insane.

With a foreword by author Nick Redfern, SHADOWS IN THE SKY: THE HAUNTED AIRWAYS OF BRITAIN is one book that’ll have you reaching for your umbrella. Those who dare pull their eyes away from the skies, can purchase the book from Amazon, and all good bookshops.

Neil Arnold is the author of several books, such as MONSTER! THE A-Z OF ZOOFORM PHENOMENA, MYSTERY ANIMALS OF THE BRITISH ISLES: LONDON, and MYSTERY ANIMALS OF THE BRITISH ISLES: KENT. He is a full-time lecturer on mystery animals.

ISBN – 9780752465630 For enquiries contact The History Press on 01453 883300

Monday, 12 March 2012

The zooform monster cat

Over at his Shuker Nature blog, Dr Karl Shuker looks at the terrifying story of London's demon, horned cat.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The demon ape of Essex

In the case of some zooform phenomena, it seems that we are dealing with negative energy as a conjurer of monsters. For instance, the county of Essex has several cases of weird manifestations presenting themselves, but they are forms which clearly are not of some biological or zoological order. At Wallasea Island there was once a place called the Devil’s House which sat on the bleak marshlands flanking the River Crouch. The house, was more for a farm-like abode and took its sinister name from its owner, a chap named Daville, although author Eric Maple notes that’, according to the old records it was known as Demon’s Tenement as far back as the time of Charles II.’

At first the building seemed like many a haunted house in that local folk would refuse to stay in it because of the strange atmospheres and sudden drops in temperature. On other occasions weird sounds were heard, such as the flapping of wings and an overwhelming sense of dread would follow. Such a fear seemed justified when a sergeant, serving in the First World War decided to put the legends to bed and stayed the night in the building. The following morning the sergeant was found in such a terrible state, his pale complexion and refusal to speak had locals worried. Another man claimed that he had heard to sound of wings flapping suggesting some giant yet unseen bird was soaring above but the ghostly reputation of the place took a knock when one evening it was reported that a hideous spectre with horns and a long tail was explained by a stray bullock which had sought shelter in the hayloft after being pursued by a dog. However, during one particular harvest a local labourer experienced a terrible creature whilst working in one of the barns. He had heard his name being called on several occasions and the sudden drop in temperature told him that something wasn’t right. Although spooked, the man continued his work when suddenly he felt as though he was possessed and had a sudden urge to commit suicide. The labourer found a piece of old rope, fastened it around his neck as a noose and climbed a ladder to tie the rope around a beam. A voice rasped, “Do it, do it” in his ear but then something even more bizarre happened. Looking upward the man saw a terrible ape-like creature swinging from the timbers. The phantom ape had bright yellow eyes that glowed in the gloom. It appeared rather slim in form and was completely black in colour. This hideous apparition seemed to jolt him out of his suicidal trance and scrambled down the ladder and fled the barn.

Locals believed the ghastly experiences that had taken place in the building were the product of Devil worship which had taken place years before. Such negative energy, depending on the individual who experiences it, seems to have the ability to prey on the human psyche and cast out weird, absurd holographic-type entities which feed on fear. Such devils can take on many forms, either as unseen poltergeists which hurl items around the place or attack their victims, to nefarious familiars ranging from disfigured demonic cats, headless black dogs, and goodness knows what else.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Friday, 24 February 2012

Monster-hunter Richard Freeman another monster-hunter!!

Nick Redfern, a good friend and fellow hunter of monsters, has recently written a smal feature on Richard Freeman - Goth beast-hunter extraordinaire, and author of the excellent 'Yokai Encyclopedia'. Check out the article HERE