Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Great review of 'Monster!'

Bart Nunnelly, author of the fantastic 'Mysterious Kentucky', which I'll be reviewing shortly, has recently reviewed 'Monster!' -:

'The first of its kind, Neil Arnold's 'Monster - The A-Z of Zooform Phenomena' is truly a literary wonder. Ambitious and well written, 'Monster' is the first book to ever attempt to chronicle in one volume the multitude of zooforms that have terrified mankind since the beginning of our species. Not to be mistaken for another cryptid book, 'zooforms' (a term coined in 1990 by Jon Downes of the CFZ), by definition, are supernatural manifestations in animal, or quasi-animal, form, spectral creatures which only briefly visit this world from the twilight dimensions of some other time and place beyond human reckoning.Packed with hundreds of entries describing spectral entities from all over the world, 'Monster' shows us that we are not alone here in our own dimension; that we are being visited by a host of anomalies from phantom felids and hell-hounds to shape-shifting werewolves, griffins, dwarves, waterhorses and winged humanoids which cannot possibly be flesh and blood entities. At just under 400 pages in length this book is sure to provide the reader with hour after hour of beastly delights. As a Fortean writer myself I can appreciate the monumental effort that has gone into producing such a mammoth tome and whole-heartedly applaud Arnold's attention to the detailed research he's put into it. Invaluable as a reference guide, 'Monster' is a must have addition to any Fortean library. Extremely entertaining and thought provoking, this book is most highly recommended to anyone interested in learning just what type of monsters may lurk in the shadows of our world, waiting patiently for unwary passersby. Best read in the safety of one's well lighted living room. A monumental effort!'

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