Sunday, 6 April 2008

'Mysterious Kentucky' review.

There are so many books out there in Fortean-land which regurgitate, recycle, and revamp old cases, and it's about time this ceased, because the bookshelves, or should that be, online shops, are becoming crammed with dire volumes of so-called 'new' fresh talent, as well as veteran researchers, and yet these often armchair enthusiasts continue to vomit the same old material, the same old compilations...MYSTERIOUS KENTUCKY, is NOT one of these books. Bart Nunnelly has been out in the field, he's tracked monsters, he's seen strange creatures, and if you want a tour guide to the bizarre side of Kentucky, then Bart and his fascinating book, are the ideal sources of local information.

From strange tunnels in the woods, to intriguing UFO sightings, to huge skeletons excavated, to Men In Black, and if that's not a enough, then feast your eyes on the cryptids and other weird creatures said to prowl Kentucky's woods. The horrifying Spotsville Monster, the vampire of Sturgis, terrifying werewolves, exotic cats, out of place animals and gigantic birds, it's all in here, a treasure trove of high strangeness, a helluva lot of brand new material, and an author who brims full of knowledge, but most importantly, enthusiasm for the mysteries he's pursuing.

'Mysterious Kentucky' is an informative guide crucial to the collection of any Fortean.

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