Monday, 19 November 2007

Another 5-star review, this time from Linda Godfrey.

Wisconsin-based author Linda Godfrey reviewed my book on November 16th 2007, read what she had to say here:

Linda has written exhaustively over the years on all manner of strange creatures, from Bigfoot, to her specialist subject of Wolf-men, which often cross into 'zooform' territory in their weirdness.

'The Beast Of Bray Road' (Prairie Oak Press 2003) and 'Hunting The American Werewolf' (Trails Books 2006) are without doubt to of the finest zooform-related books out there, and I frequently thumb through them in search of inspiration as the night draws in.

All I can say is, thank you so much Linda for the support, friendship and kind words, and I suggest anyone with an interest not just in cryptozoology, but in reading in general, check out her books, plus her new one, 'Strange Wisconsin', which I'll be reviewing shortly here.

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