Thursday, 22 November 2007

Strange Wisconsin review

I've just read Linda Godfrey's (see previous post) 'Strange Wisconsin' book, published by Trails Books, available here: which she kindly sent me, and wow!, what a read. Whereas a majority of local books in the UK pertaining to towns, villages and counties are often presented as brief, vague pamphlet-affairs full of regurgitated info and barely scraping the surface of mystery, Linda's book is an impressive tour guide of every quirky landmark, oddball character, bizarre creature, peculiar event and bout of high strangeness to have ever been born in Wisconsin.

Presented by town alphabetically, and jam-packed with fine illustrations as well as all manner of colourful photographs, 'Strange Wisconsin' is a weird ride to the far side of surreal America, where you'll meet a freakshow of sinister beasts, from wolfmen, sea serpents, Wausau Whatzit's, Goatmen and Bigfoot, to incredible UFO encounters as well as trips to haunted locations such as bookstores, hospital's and motel's, visits from fairies, confrontations with demons, and trips to an array of wonderful, yet often far-out places where you'll see fantastic sculptures, flamboyant designs, and businesses that look as if they've been projected from the world of 'Twin Peaks'.

The book is an intriguing testament to so many mystical places and creative characters, that it makes the reader just want to pack up and head for one of those eerie retreats or step inside one of those quirky restaurants.

Of course, the book's finest ingredient is the coverage of those ghastly monsters from the closet, the local bogeymen said to prowl the backwoods and lonely roads, but this book offers something for everyone, and I heartily recommend it as your alternative ride to one of the United States strangest places.

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