Thursday, 1 November 2007

The Legend Of Goatman

Neil has an article in the latest "Animals & Men" magazine (issue 41) available from the guys at: pertaining to a 'zooform' classic....that being the legend of the Goatman, a sinister, shadowy figure that has roamed the woodlands of the U.S.A. for decades.

Such a campfire critter has terrified teens, locals and folklore researchers for many, many years but as Neil explores in the article, such an entity may well be a sum of many confusing, and complex parts, having one foot maybe in the realm of urban legends, another limb in the world of Bigfoot, as well as fingers in many folkloric pies as such, creating in turn a nightmarish prowler of the backwoods.

However, Neil has also uncovered a treasure trove of similar beings from Europe and the rest of the world, strange horned man-beasts, hoofed humanoids and other Satyr-like spectres.

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